Apply Masters in Canada 3 Years work permit

Apply Masters in Canada: Spousal open work permit eligibility and 3-Years work permit!

Secure your future amidst IRCC changes! Despite new policies in September 2024, Masters remains eligible for spouse open work permits. All Master's graduates from Canadian programs starting later in 2024 will receive a 3-year work permit, even for one-year programs.

Certain Masters programs offer a direct PR pathway, such as British Columbia's post-graduate program. Navigate the PNP pool for a chance at permanent residency.

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Masters earn extra points in Express Entry CRS, boosting your immigration prospects. Admissions may be lengthy, so research thoroughly or seek expert guidance.

Apply wisely and timely – incomplete applications may face delays, and seats can fill up quickly. Your Masters journey awaits; plan strategically for success!

Considering Masters? Expertise matters. Apply through us for tailored admissions, ensuring budget-friendly options and success in your Master's program. Your educational journey begins with us!

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