Student Direct Stream SDS

Student Direct Stream SDS

The Student Direct Stream (SDS) Program is a program that will speed up the processing for the full-time studies attending universities and colleges in Canadain just 20 calendar days if the following eligibility is met.

Highlights of Student Direct Stream

A legal resident living in 1 of the following countries:
  • China
  • India
  • Morocco
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Senegal
  • Vietnam

If you live anywhere other than 1 of the countries listed above (even if you’re a citizen of one of the countries above), you must apply through the regular study permit application process.

  • Applicants must live outside Canada at the time of application
  • Acceptance letter from a designated learning institution in Canada
  • Copy of your upfront medical exam confirmation document
  • GIC from one of Canada’s participating banks of $10,000. A GIC is a Canadian investment that has a guaranteed rate of return for a fixed period of time.
  • Proof that you’ve paid the tuition fees for your first year of study
  • Test to show intermediate proficiency in English or French (CLB7)
  • Valid academic qualification proofs

There should be an online application as paper application is not acceptable for the Student Direct Stream. The fees for applying online are $150.

Steps to be followed for SDS Application

  • Complete the application form
  • Online Submission of the application
  • Biometrics to be done
  • On the approval of the application a letter of introduction is issued which needs to be shown to the officer when you arrive in Canada
  • Or
  • An electronic travel authorization or a visitor visa (temporary resident visa), depending on which you need to enter Canada

Additional Benefits

If the applicant has aspouse or common-law partnerand dependent children their visa application will also be processed faster along with your application process.

  • visitor visa
  • work permit
  • study permit

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