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More Services

Support Services

Our programs are very flexible and will fit individual needs. We provide wide range of services some of our common services are as follows:

  • We will help you preparing before you travel by arranging an accommodation, giving you an idea of your average basic monthly expenses. If you feel like searching an accommodation by yourself we can provide you the information for that as well.
  • Apart from accommodation we will also help you to decide that what you should pack in a suitcase in order to avoid unnecessary hassle after arriving in a foreign country. We will provide you a whole list of necessities that you will need right away or can't get there. These lists will be made based on your needs and requirements which usually do not happen when we ask friends and relatives as everybody is different. Hence most of the time we have seen people regretting for what they have brought and what they missed.
  • We will provide you a complete list of emergency numbers of city you will be traveling to.
  • We will arrange a pick up from airport to your accommodation.
  • We can also arrange a taxi or shuttle if you prefer that way.
  • We provide help to open a bank account. Sometimes one of our team members will accompany you to bank if you are not confident enough or have a language barrier.
  • We provide necessary information to help you to build a good credit in a new country as it will needed in your long term future plans to buy a car, house or set up a business.
  • We also provide information regarding financial companies who can lend you money even when you are new to buy a car or something else under some circumstances.
  • We provide information related to local city bus or train schedule, fairs, where to buy tickets, day passes, monthly passes and student passes.
  • For extended services we can arrange a person who can travel with you for one day and help you to take buses to and from work or school.
  • We will help you to apply social insurance like what documents will be needed and where you are supposed to go to apply.
  • Getting basic medical insurance is always important we can help you to apply that as well. Also will provide you information if you could be eligible for medical assistance of any kind.
  • We will help you to get your driver's license. All countries and even individual provinces have different rules of driving. We will help you from first step to last step until you get your local drivers license. Initially you are allowed to use your international driver's license but that time span varies in different countries.
  • We will provide you a complete orientation for job search related sources and websites.
  • We will also find a start up job for you.
  • Filing a tax return is really important in most of countries abroad even though you are not a permanent resident it is still required to maintain you legal status and to apply permanent residency if required. Also in some cases you are eligible for some tax credits. We will guide you to visit right people to file your tax every year and also will provide you contact information for countries and province's government tax agency.
  • If you are already practicing professional, technical , health care or any other career in your own country we can provide you an advice that how can you use your skills in new country, How and where can you get your educational credentials evaluated and what kind of jobs could be possible after that.
  • With our years of experience as education consultants we felt that half of international students don't know the dos and don'ts when you are on a student visa in a foreign country and they screw it all up and also they never find out until they plan to apply for a further stay or permanent residency. Hence under these services we planned to provide you a complete orientation of how you can maintain your status and also what needs to be done regarding your job salary and hours of work which can lead you to a process of permanent residency if required.
  • We provide an exclusive ,hassle free and relatively inexpensive service to help students to change their courses or colleges after they arrive in Canada and will also help them to settle in their new city or province as they have to move their social insurance, health insurance and drivers license but we make it all easy for you.

Citizenship Application

General Eligibility:

In order to be eligible for Citizenship application you must have:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • maintained required residency Status in Canada
  • Lived in Canada for required amount of time
  • Met your Income tax filling Obligations
  • Adequate knowledge of one of the official languages
  • Intend to Reside in Canada
  • Passed your citizenship test if you fall in a certain age group.
  • Not committed some specific crimes inside or outside Canada.

If you are confused about your citizenship eligibility or require assistance in citizenship application please give us a call.

India visa from canada

Please contact us various types Indian tourist Visas from Canada Including E Visa and Life time Visa to India

Note: India has launched an E-VISA system which now includes Canadians. Processing takes 3 to 12 working days. Canadians will get their visas stamped into their passports upon arrival at one of sixteen major airports in India. This applies to Tourists, Business, Medical and Family Visitors. The government of India now allows Canadians to apply for simple tourist and simple business trip visas without having to send in your passport. The visa is valid for one stay of up to 30 days. Everything is done on-line.

PR card application

  • We can complete and submit your PR card renewal application.
  • We can also help you in getting new PR card if your older one got lost or damaged.
  • If you are India and your card gets expired we can also help you getting an Instant travel slip to travel back to India.

If you are confused about your citizenship eligibility or require assistance in citizenship application please give us a call.

US visa application

If you are planning to visit to US from Canada and looking to get a Visa (10 years multiple entry) please contact us. We will make the process hassle free for you.

Who needs US visa from Canada:

  • Everybody except Canadian Citizens. Even Permanent Residents require a Visa to Visit US.


  • Holding a valid passport for any nation
  • Have a legal status in Canada as a Temporary (Student, Worker or Visitor) or Permanent Resident

Change Condition

If you are currently living in Canada as a foreign worker and planning to extend your stay as a worker we certainly can help you in that. We can also help us if you're looking to extend your stay by changing your conditions/status from a worker to student or visitor. Please contact us for further guidance

Further we can guide if you would like to change condition or employer and get a work permit with new employer please call us today for all these queries.

Super visa insurance

Now there is no need to wait for years to bring your parents or grand parents in canada and also for a longer stay together than visitor visas as super visa solved the problem. It is simple application process and will take only 3-4 months to get result.

It is a multiple entry visa for 10 years.

  • Be the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent.
  • Resident of Canada.
  • Be eligible to enter in canada.
  • Meet certain other requirements of visa officer.
  • Show ties to the home country which includs job ,home and family.
  • Show the purpose of the visit.
  • Show family and financial support and evidence.
  • Prove overall economic and political stability of the home country.
  • Have an invitation from a Canadian relative.

Indian Passport Application From Within Canada

Please contact us for guidance regarding renewing your Indian passport from within in Canada.

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