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BC PNP Skills Immigration Employer's Requirements

British Columbia's Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Skills Immigration is a valuable tool designed to assist employers in British Columbia (B.C.) to attract and retain skilled workers and recent graduates possessing the necessary skills, education, and experience required in the province. This blog provides an overview of the BC PNP program, its benefits for employers, and the general requirements and responsibilities that employers must fulfill to participate in the program.

Why Choose BC PNP's Skills Immigration?

If your business has faced challenges in finding qualified permanent residents or Canadian workers to fill permanent positions, BC PNP's Skills Immigration could be an ideal solution. The program enables employers to tap into a pool of international talent and offers a streamlined process for hiring foreign workers.

General Requirements for Employers:

To be eligible for the BC PNP's Skills Immigration program, employers in B.C. must meet certain requirements and responsibilities. These include:

1. Establishment in B.C.: Employers must be legally established and operating within British Columbia.

2. Domestic Labour Market Recruitment Requirements: Employers are expected to demonstrate that they have made reasonable efforts to hire Canadian citizens or permanent residents for the position before seeking foreign workers through the BC PNP.

3. Full-Time, Permanent Employment: Employers must offer full-time, permanent employment to the nominated worker.

4. Wage in Line with Industry Standards: The offered wage should be competitive and in line with industry standards for the specific occupation.

5. Signed Job Offer: Employers need to provide a signed job offer to the nominated employee.

6. Employer Declaration Form: Employers must complete and sign the employer declaration form.

7. Submission of Supporting Documents: Employers are required to submit supporting documents about their business as part of the application process.

8. Compliance with Laws and Regulations: Employers must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations regarding employment and immigration.

Responsibilities of Employers:

As employers supporting a BC PNP application, it is crucial to fulfill specific responsibilities:

1. Reporting Employee Status Changes: Employers must promptly inform the BC PNP via email if there are any changes in the nominated employee's status. This includes cases where the employee finds another job, resigns, is terminated, or if there are changes in business ownership or closure.

2. Honesty and Accuracy: Misrepresentation of information and/or documentation may lead to the BC PNP refusing to accept applications supported by the employer for up to two years.

Supporting an Application:

Supporting a BC PNP application means that the employer has offered a job to a foreign worker without permanent status in Canada and has decided to use the BC PNP to retain their services. Employers supporting BC PNP applicants do not need a federal Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Required Documents for Supporting an Employee's Application:

Employers must provide the following documents to support the employee's application:

1. BC PNP Employer Declaration Form
2. Recommendation Letter
3. Copy of the Signed Job Offer
4. Detailed Job Description
5. Evidence of Recruitment Efforts
6. Company Information (Certificate of Incorporation or Legal Equivalent)
7. Copy of Municipal Business License
8. National Safety Code Program Number (for commercial vehicle operators only)


BC PNP's Skills Immigration program offers a beneficial avenue for employers in British Columbia to attract and retain skilled workers and recent graduates. By understanding the general requirements and fulfilling their responsibilities, employers can make the most of this program to address their workforce needs and contribute to the growth and prosperity of the province.

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