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Canada to create more permanent resident pathways for the Home Support Worker Pilot Program

The Home Support Worker Pilot Program is an initiative to cater for the disabled citizens of Canada that needs support at home. The Canadian government has just announced its readiness to accept more applications for this program.

According to the official homepage of the Canadian government, the expected limit for the number of pilot applications has not been reached. As soon as the cap is reached, the application portal for the pilot program on the homepage will be closed for 2020.

On the other hand, the Home Child Care Provider Pilot Program which was launched by the Canadian government in Tandem has reached its application limit after accepting about 2,750 applications. The application portal will be open for accepting more applications on January 1, 2021.

These two pilot programs have a duration of five years and it gives both qualified caregivers and members of their families the opportunity to move into Canada for the purposes of work and study and then apply for permanent residency.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has made it known that all persons that submitted applications to any of the two pilot programs do not need to make contact with the immigration department. The IRCC stated that all applicants will be notified once the processing of their applications start as well as the outcome of their application. The IRCC stated that there might be some unexpected and unusual delay in the application process due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The application process might differ individually and this is because of the fact that the qualifying work experience might come into play as well as other factors. The work experience will be determined by a 24 months committed full time work experience either as a home support worker or a child care giver.

The first step towards the application process is for the applicants to provide a very credible evidence that they have at least 24 months full time working experience in the relevant field in line with the pilot program. However, in certain circumstances, the applicants might not need to meet the 24 months full time working experience provided that they meet other eligible requirements.

Applicants for the permanent residency must also apply for work permit and once the applicants meets the eligibility requirement, they will be issued with a temporary work permit. This is an open – work permit that allows caregivers to work for any employer provided that such an employer has not been blacklisted by the Canadian government.

Once all the required eligibility criteria are met including the 24 months work experience, the Canadian government would then make a final decision on their application and the outcome of the decision will be communicated to the applicants.


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