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People who fall fit as per the work experience and their skills are basically eligible to apply for the Federal Skilled Worker programme. Usually the candidates through this programme apply through the Express Entry system. Certainly Express Entry is the new online portal used to access the Federal Skilled Worker applications.  Skilled worker programme formulated for those skilled workers who have an exquisite experience overseas and wish to settle in Canada permanently. 

This program chalks out the skills and labour of various individuals, impossible to obtain locally by encouraging them to invest, thereby stimulating their local spending in different provinces.Canada incorporates more than 300 Eligible Occupations that meet the minimum criteria for the Skilled Worker Programme. The procedure is followed by submission of the applications for the express entry pool conferring the profiles of their interest. Candidates with the highest rank are invited to apply for PR. 

Applicants shortlisted for the express pool entry are majorly evaluated  on six factors. Thus, allocation of a minimum of 67 points out of 100 is mandatory for the framework. 

Mentioned below are the factors comprising Eligibility Criteria :

  • Full time work experience of at least 1 year or consecutive part time work experience within the previous 10 years before applying.
  • Work experience should possibly be categorised in one of the following eligible occupations,
  • Skill level O (Managerial jobs)
  • Skill level A (Professional jobs)
  • Skill level B (Technical jobs and skilled traders)
  • Work experience as a student by being paid through commissions or wages, with no pause in the job duration.
  • Being capable of being able to take language tests in English or French, for four modules which include, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.
  • Should be able to obtain a minimum score of CBL 7 in all four modules.
  • Possess a validated certificate or degree of High School or Post Secondary Institution of Canada.
  • Foreign migrants must be through with a completed credential and Education Credential Assessment (ECA) for immigration purposes.
  • Justified proof of funds to acquire stability in the long run.

Well, a detailed description and brief information can be extracted easily through the government, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Once you receive the application for selection, it is very important to follow the further proceedings of deciding the place to live in Canada, making further documents ready and submitting your profile accordingly.

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