migration between institutions shore

The possibility of migration between institutions on shore

Canada is known for its quality of life along with a work life balance. There are various students who dream to study in the Canadian provinces and settle in the country. This article will give a brief knowledge to the international students applying in Canada for their education. A city full of immigrants incorporates a wide space of educational universities, diversity and culture and is ranked as world’s eight largest country with the immigrant population. Canadian policies are reviewed every year and are updated as per the latest norms and regulations. While we talk about the PR status in the country, the best way to get through PR is through your education. There are numerous PR programmes in Canada that can let you acquire PR while you are studying in the country. 

In order to change your programme or change your particular institution, it requires a proper process to be followed wherein, certain factors are supposed to be considered before amending the changes in order to avoid any kind of disruption in the process. One of the major factors is the credit transfer, which can save you upto $1000. Following that is another factor which is applicable to student who has finished one year of study in Canada in the same programme wherein may be the student wants to change their course of study and wishes to pursue another programme, however, there is a possibility that the students can pursue a post graduate programme depending upon their undergraduate programme in order to get more points in permanent residency. Also, it is advised to do the second year of study in a province where you can get PR easily. 

Also, before thinking of changing your programme make sure that you change your DLI (Designated Learning Institute) number, in addition to choosing a programme or the institution through which you are eligible to receive the post graduate work permit as all institutions do not provide that. While we majorly talk about credit transfers, the BC transfer system is one of the best methods. In a broader sense, transferring refers to the process of the programme being recognised from one institution to another. British Columbia institutions offer many programmes wherein the students can complete the two years of credit and transfer to another institution. Therefore, transfer between non degree programmes is also possible. 

The transfer system certainly gives an opportunity to the students to start a diploma in the institution of their choice and if need be, may complete the degree from another institution depending upon their choice and reason for change of programme. Since the quality of education is excellent in British Columbia, it gives a flexibility of following two paths, the first being the direct route, wherein the students takes admission in post secondary institution directly from high school or the second route is the transfer route wherein the student starts at one institute and finishes the course in another. The process of transfer totally depends upon the justification given by the student as content of the programme must match with the course. 

Last but not the least, to let you know more, there are chances when the transfer credit of the students may be rejected, if the student opted for one course without realising that there are programmes that require two course combinations or you took the course long ago, or you fail in the course. Therefore, before making any change the students must be aware of all the guidelines to avoid any kind of confusion.  

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