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A lot of international students come to Canada every year with all kind of Ambitions. Settling in foreign land, studying and even working part-time to support themselves while living here sometimes becomes a bit of challenge. It gets a bit harder for them to manage time between study, work, doing other chores around and hence they might lack time for their studies some students do you think that as long as they graduate from their school from a particular program they will receive the post-graduate work permit. However, this is not the case officers review each and every application individually to issue the work permit or not. There are various factors that can play a part in it and you're going to discuss some of those today. Students sometimes don't pay attention to the fact that their grades can also affect the outcome of their post-graduate work permit application and even the length of the work permit if you score low grades in a lot of courses during and so even after they graduate successfully they will still be at the risk of getting work permit refused or getting it for a shorter duration of time that you should get it for.

Another important factor that can play a part in deciding the outcome of your work permit application is including the right paperwork , right transcripts like with all necessary components, even though transcripts that say official transcripts from the school can miss the important information that IRCC is looking for so make sure you cross check your transcripts before you apply. Fill right and appropriate information in the form.Although the work permit application seems very simple however there are few important details that an applicant might overlook while sending out the paperwork so if you're unsure please do cross check with an experienced person at your Institute or any other professional.

Students must keep study as their priority in Canada if they are the study permit holders because that is the ground for them to stay legally in Canada and explore all possible future options for settling in this beautiful country. It is very important to maintain legal status as a student for the entire time that you hold the study permit how you maintain the legal status? the answer to this question might vary from school to school but in general, if you are pursuing three courses anywhere from 9 to 15 credits per semester than you are considered as a full-time international student.

Tech Pilot invitations to skilled workers and graduates BC PNP

A total of 35 invitations had been issued by the British Columbia PNP to apply for provincial nomination. 

Eligible skilled workers and graduates can apply through its Tech Pilot program.

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Free immigration Consultation Event For International Students and Recent Graduates.

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Post graduation work permit for international students

Great news for international students in Canada- IRCC has increased the time frame to apply for postgraduate work permits from 90 days to 180 days for international students after they finish their program of study.
Additionally, IRCC has also removed the requirement of a valid study permit, which was a must before, to apply for a post-graduate work permit.

This is indeed a piece of very positive news and makes it easier for fresh graduates to submit their paperwork to obtain a postgraduate work permit.

The postgraduate work permit application has always been very important for international students as it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and restricted time frame has always contributed to add more stress to the situation.

Moreover, these new conditions will allow more time for reapplying if a student gets refused for the post-graduate work permit.


BC PNP has launched ENTREPRENEUR IMMIGRATION - REGIONAL PILOT program, which is designed to attract entrepreneurs across the world to start their business and settle in the regional community of BC with a population lesser than 75000.

Soon a list of participating communities will be issued as communities start to enroll in the program.

Basic Criteria Needed

Applicant must have a net worth of 300,000 Canadian dollars and must be able to invest 100,000 Canadian dollars into a new business. Buying an existing business is not an option in this pilot program. Initially, an applicant will get a work permit and then the applicant will have to maintain the business for 12 months.

Also, he must hire a full-time Canadian employee for one year and after one year BC PNP will monitor the growth and stability of your business.

Express Entry #110

A total of 11,150 invitations has been issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to apply for Canadian permanent residence in the first month of 2019.

Minimum CRS Score Required 438

ITAs Issued 3350

happy republic day

BC Draw

A total of 316 invitations has been issued by The province of British Columbia for a provincial nomination to Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC. This draw was opened on the 16th of January.

BC PNP Category

EEBC - Skilled Worker
Minimum Score Required 85

EEBC - International Graduate
Minimum Score Required 95

SI - Skilled Worker
Minimum Score Required 85

SI - International Graduate
Minimum Score Required 95

SI - Entry Level and Semi-Skilled
Minimum Score Required 68

Number of ITAs Issued 316

Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship

People trying to sponsor their mother and father and/or grandparents in 2019 can also begin the system with the aid of filing an interest to Sponsor shape on January 28 at midday eastern widespread Time.

The form could be available for a restricted time and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will invite capacity sponsors to submit a complete utility, within the order their submissions were obtained, until the 2019 cap of 20,000 entire programs is reached.

This primary-in, first-served technique will replace the randomized invites manner for IRCC's dad and mom and Grandparents program (PGP) that become used remaining yr.

Saskatchewan Invitation

On 3rd January the province of Saskatchewan had issued its first Entrepreneur invitations of 2019.

The invitation was sent to 90 candidates with a score range from 115 to 150.

Tech Pilot & Entrepreneur

New invitations have been issued by BC in its Express Entry BC, Skills Immigration and Entrepreneur streams.

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)'s Tech Pilot issues invitations to 31 Express Entry BC and Skills Immigrants.

Minimum Score Required for Category:

EEBC - Skilled Worker 85
EEBC - International Graduate 95
SI - Skilled Worker 85
SI - International Graduate 95
Entrepreneur Immigration - 110

The number of ITAs Issued:

31 Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC
25 Entrepreneur Immigration

Express Entry #106

A total of 3,900 invitations have been issued by The Government of Canada to apply for Canadian PR in a new Express Entry invitation which is held on December 12th.

The minimum CRS was 445

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