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The Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, also commonly known as Humber College, was founded in 1967. It is a publicly funded college in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It offers more than 150 programs including bachelor’s degree, diploma, certificate, post-graduate certificate and apprenticeship programs, across 40 fields of study.


3D Modelling and Visual Effects Production          2 semesters

Academic Upgrading (AU)             3 semesters

Accounting, Bachelor of Commerce          8 semesters

Accounting, Business      4 semesters

Accounting, Business Administration        6 semesters

Acting for Film and Television      4 semesters

Addictions and Mental Health     3 semesters

Advanced Chocolate and Confectionery Artistry  2 semesters

Advertising & Graphic Design      4 semesters

Advertising – Account Management         2 semesters

Advertising – Media Management            2 semesters

Advertising and Marketing Communications         4 semesters

Advertising Copywriting 2 semesters

Alternative Dispute Resolution   2 semesters

Animation – 3D 6 semesters

Arborist Apprenticeship  12 weeks

Architectural Technology              6 semesters

Art Foundation   2 semesters

Arts Administration and Cultural Management    3 semesters

Baker Apprenticeship      4 semesters

Baking and Pastry Arts Management        4 semesters

Behavioural Science, Bachelor of              8 semesters

Biotechnology    4 semesters

Broadcast Television/Videography            4 semesters

Building Construction Technician NEW    4 semesters

Business Administration 6 semesters

Business Administration (Co-op) 6 semesters

Business Insights and Analytics NEW        4 semesters

Business Management    4 semesters

Cabinet Making 3 semesters

Carpentry and Renovation Technician      3 semesters

Carpentry and Renovation Techniques NEW         2 semesters

Child and Youth Care      6 semesters

Child and Youth Care – Accelerated          4 semesters

Child and Youth Care, Bachelor of            8 semesters

Civil Engineering Technology       6 semesters

Clinical Research              3 semesters

Cloud Computing NEW  2 semesters

Comedy: Writing and Performance           4 semesters

Community and Justice Services 4 semesters

Community Development, Bachelor of   8 semesters

Community Integration through Co-operative Education (CICE)    4 semesters

Computer Engineering Technology           6 semesters

Computer Programming                4 semesters

Computer Systems Technician – Information Technology Infrastructure and Services         4 semesters

Construction Boilermaker Apprenticeship              8 weeks

Construction Engineering Technology NEW          6 semesters

Content Strategy NEW   2 semesters

Cook Apprenticeship        4 semesters

Cosmetic Management  4 semesters

Creative Advertising, Bachelor of              8 semesters

Creative Book Publishing               1 semester

Creative Writing – Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry   2 semesters

Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Social Science           8 semesters

Culinary Management    4 semesters

Culinary Skills     2 semesters

Design Foundation           2 semesters

Design, Bachelor of         8 semesters

Developmental Services Worker 4 semesters

Developmental Services Worker – Accelerated    3 semesters

Developmental Services Worker – Apprenticeship              3 – 4 years

Digital Business Management, Bachelor of Commerce     8 semesters

Digital Communications, Bachelor of       8 semesters

Early Childhood Education            4 semesters

Electrical Engineering Technician – Control Systems          4 semesters

Electrical Engineering Technology – Control Systems        6 semesters

Electrical Techniques       2 semesters

Electrician – Construction and Maintenance Apprenticeship           8 & 10 weeks

Electromechanical Engineering Technician            4 semesters

Electromechanical Engineering Technology          6 semesters

Electronics Engineering Technician           4 semesters

Electronics Engineering Technology         6 semesters

Emergency Telecommunications               1 semester

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)        8 weeks

Enterprise Software Development            2 semesters

Entrepreneurial Enterprise, Business Management            2 semesters

Esthetician/Spa Management      4 semesters

Event Management         2 semesters

Exercise Science and Lifestyle Management          2 semesters

Fashion Arts and Business            4 semesters

Fashion Management     2 semesters

Fashion Management, Bachelor of Commerce     8 semesters

Film and Media Production, Bachelor of 8 semesters

Film and Multiplatform Storytelling          2 semesters

Film and Television Production   6 semesters

Finance, Bachelor of Commerce 8 semesters

Financial Planning            2 semesters

Financial Services, Business Management              4 semesters

Fire Services       4 semesters

Fitness and Health Promotion     4 semesters

Food and Nutrition Management              4 semesters

Forensic Identification    2 semesters

Fundraising Management             3 semesters

Funeral Director Class 1 (Embalming)       5 semesters

Funeral Director Class 2 (Non-Embalming)             4 semesters

Game Programming        6 semesters

General Arts and Science – College Transfer         2 semesters

General Arts and Science – Technology   2 semesters

General Arts and Science – University Transfer (Certificate)           2 semesters

General Arts and Science – University Transfer (Diploma)               4 semesters

Global Business Management     4 semesters

Graphic Design  6 semesters

Graphic Design for Print and Web             2 semesters

Health Sector Regulatory Compliance NEW          3 semesters

Healthcare Management, Bachelor of Commerce              8 semesters

Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician    4 semesters

Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology  6 semesters

Horticultural Technician Apprenticeship  12 weeks

Hospitality – Event Management               4 semesters

Hospitality – Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management         4 semesters

Hospitality and Tourism Management, Bachelor of Commerce     8 semesters

Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management             2 semesters

Human Resources Management 2 semesters

Human Resources Management, Bachelor of Commerce 8 semesters

Inclusive Resource Practice – Child and Family     2 semesters

Industrial Design, Bachelor of     8 semesters

Industrial Electrician Apprenticeship         8 & 10 weeks

Industrial Woodworking Technician          3 semesters

Information Technology Solutions             4 semesters

Insurance Management – Property and Casualty 2 semesters

Interior Decorating          4 semesters

Interior Design, Bachelor of         8 semesters

International Business, Bachelor of Commerce    8 semesters

International Development          3 semesters

International Development, Bachelor of 8 semesters

Journalism           6 semesters

Journalism (Graduate Certificate)              3 semesters

Journalism, Bachelor of 8 semesters

Landscape Technician     4 semesters

Law Clerk            4 semesters

Management Studies, Bachelor of Commerce      8 semesters

Marketing Management               2 semesters

Marketing, Bachelor of Commerce           8 semesters

Marketing, Business        4 semesters

Massage Therapy             6 semesters

Mechanical Engineering Technician          4 semesters

Mechanical Engineering Technology        6 semesters

Mechanical Techniques – Millwright         2 semesters

Media Communications 4 semesters

Media Foundation           2 semesters

Multimedia Design and Development      4 semesters

Music Business  2 semesters

Music Composition          2 semesters

Music, Bachelor of          8 semesters

Music, Introduction to Commercial Jazz Music     2 semesters

Network Cabling Specialist Apprenticeship             8 weeks

Nursing – Regular, Bachelor of   8 semesters

Nursing – Second Entry Preparation, Bachelor of N/A

Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Promotion             4 semesters

Occupational Therapist Assistant & Physiotherapist Assistant        4 semesters

Paralegal             3 semesters

Paralegal Education         4 semesters

Paralegal Studies, Bachelor of     8 semesters

Paramedic           4 semesters

Personal Support Worker             2 semesters

Pharmacy Technician      4 semesters

Photography       4 semesters

Plumber Apprenticeship                8 weeks

Plumbing Techniques      2 semesters

Police Foundations          4 semesters

Post-Production                3 semesters

Practical Nursing              4 semesters

Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees              2 semesters

Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training     2 semesters

Professional Accounting Practice               3 semesters

Professional Golf Management, Business Administration 6 semesters

Professional Writing and Communications            2 semesters

Project Management      2 semesters

Protection, Security and Investigation     4 semesters

Public Administration      3 semesters

Public Relations 6 semesters

Public Relations (Graduate Certificate)    2 semesters

Public Relations, Bachelor of       8 semesters

Radio and Media Production        2 semesters

Radio, Broadcasting        4 semesters

Recreation and Leisure Services  4 semesters

Regulatory Affairs            3 semesters

Research Analyst              2 semesters

Social Service Worker     4 semesters

Sport Business Management       2 semesters

Sport Management         6 semesters

Supply Chain Management           2 semesters

Supply Chain Management, Bachelor of Commerce          8 semesters

Sustainable Energy and Building Technology        6 semesters

Systems Navigator           2 semesters

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)     2 semesters

Television Writing and Producing              2 semesters

Theatre Arts – Performance         6 semesters

Theatre Arts – Production             4 semesters

Tourism – Travel Services Management  4 semesters

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner             6 semesters

Transfer Service Sales Representative NEW          2 semesters

Urban Arboriculture – Tree Care 2 semesters

User Experience (UX) Design       2 semesters

Visual and Digital Arts     4 semesters

Web Design and Development    2 semesters

Web Design and Interactive Media           6 semesters

Web Development           3 semesters

Welding Techniques        2 semesters

Wellness Coaching          2 semesters

Wireless Telecommunications     2 semesters

Workplace Health and Wellness, Bachelor of Health Sciences       8 semesters


Academic Requirements

Post Graduate Programs: 60 -65 % or above in qualifying degree

Undergraduate Programs: 55 – 60 % or above

IELTS Requirement

Undergraduate: Minimum 6.0 with no lower than 6.0 in each

Post Graduate: Minimum 6.5 with no lower than 6.0 in each


Application Fees: $75 CAD

Tuition Fees: $16,000 – $18,000 CAD Approx Annually


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