Canada 4.2 lacs Immigrants 2022

Canada to take 4.2 lacs Immigrants in 2022

Canada is known for its quality of life along with a work life balance. There are various people who dream to study in the Canadian provinces and settle in the country. This article will give a brief knowledge to the people who are planning to move to Canada for their education, for Earning and living in Canada. A city full of immigrants incorporates a wide space of educational universities, diversity and culture and is ranked as world’s eighth largest country with the immigrant population.
In November 2017, the Government of Canada had announced a plan togradually increase the number of immigrants over the next three years. As a result, immigration will trend toward 1% of Canada’s population in 2020.In today’s time, Canada is targeting the highest level of immigration in its history.The only time Canada welcomed over 400,000 immigrants in a year was in 1913, when it admitted 401,000 newcomers and It has never come close to this figure again till date.
The Immigration Levels Plan is the most important immigration announcement made by the Government of Canada each year. It outlines the number of new permanent residents Canada aims to welcome over the coming years, and what categories Canada aims to admit them under. Canada welcomes immigrants under the following categories: economic; family; refugee; and humanitarian and compassionate grounds. Earlier this year, on March 12, the federal government announced Canada would aim to welcome over one million new permanent residents between 2020 and 2022. Days later, Canada had to shut its borders due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, Canada will likely fall well short of the 341,000 immigration target it set for this year, however it has been holding Express Entry draws throughout the pandemic that will result in Canada breaking its Express Entry record this year. In addition, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) draws remain ongoing. So, the 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan aims to welcome about 60 per cent of all immigrants under economic class programs, including through Express Entry and the Provincial Nominee Program.
Canada elections were recently held, and a new Immigration Minister Sean Fraser was appointed. The minister is responsible for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, which is the federal department responsible for immigration, refugee, and citizenship issues in Canada.A change in Minister in charge of immigration can have implications for immigration policy. 
The Reason why Canada is maintaining high levels of immigration is to offset the negative economic and fiscal impacts of its aging population and low birth rate.  Canada has one of the world’s oldest populations, with nearly 18 per cent of its population being age 65 and over. It also has one of the world’s lowest birth rates at 1.47 births per woman. Because of which Canada will face challenges in growing its economy and supporting the government spending in the future. These challenges can be alleviated by welcoming more immigrants to support labor force and economic growth.
Canadian policies are reviewed every year and are updated as per the latest norms and regulations. While we talk about the PR status in the country, the best way to get through PR is through your education. There are numerous PR programmed in Canada that can let you acquire PR while you are studying in the country. Hence, we would advise all the applicants to move quickly as you have a window of 12-18 months only to get PR visa under current rules, which are very liberal and can benefit the migrants in all possible ways. There are many options to immigrate to Canada from your country, we can help you find and settle with the best option in migrating and settling in Canada and making your dream come true as soon as possible. There are various programs that can help students/ Individual in moving to Canada at an ease and at sheer convivence. Get yourself enrolled in the programs and lead your life in a great place. 

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