Canadian Experience Class Programme

Canadian Experience Class Programme

CEC is one of the most convenient and integral programmes under IRCC. This particular programme is designed for the temporary foreign workers and students in order to help them apply for their work experience and education respectively to acquire permanent residency in the country. The process is not easy as it seems to be however, it is important to be aware of all the eligibility criterias that befall for the processing of applications. 

Applicants applying in Canadian Experience Class pool aspire to square their existence in Canada permanently and in turn meet all ends only when the individual has worked in Canada for an year at least. Temporary Foreign workers are best suited in this category as these workers in a way already feel settled in Canada and gain strong network connections in the Canadian society and culture. This programme is also one of the Canadian Immigration programmes following the same rules of Express Entry Pool where the recognition from the Government of Canada is an important factor.

To apply, the first and foremost requirement is to submit the Expression of Interest and make an online Express Entry profile. The eligibility of the candidates will depend on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score that will be provided on the basis of the information mentioned in the Express Entry profile of each individual. Applicants applying in this programme might possibly have to remain in Canada, also, individuals no longer living in Canada can avail the opportunity to apply for the Canadian Experience class programme, within the period of 3 years before leaving their job.

Individuals who have been working as a high skilled professional confer in the rule board and are either in for the programme or are ruled out. Work experience in few classified categories namely, NOC, A, B OR O in Canadian Experience Class programme assure you Permanent Residence in Canada. This programme might sometimes be a hamper to the various International students in a way, if these students after completing  their educational degree are able to hold themselves on the basis of their work permit and work as a full time skilled or professional worker for at least a year, they can still apply for the Canadian Experience class programme. 

Eligibility Criteria

Mentioned below are few points to keep in mind : 

  • Full time skilled or professional  work experience of at least an year or consecutive part time skilled or professional work experience within 3 years before applying.
  • Skilled work experience should possibly be categorised in one of the following eligible occupations,
  • Skill Level O (Managerial jobs)
  • Skill Level A ( Professional jobs)
  • Skill Level B (Technical jobs and skilled traders)
  • Candidates can possibly have work experience in one or more NOC, which includes Skill level A, B or O jobs.
  • Work experience gained while being a student or self employment does not cipher to the minimum requirement for this programme.
  • No requirement of Educational degrees for the application pool of Canadian Experience Class. Furthermore for improving your rank you can follow the maxim of other two programmes of Express Entry.
  • Being capable to be able to take language tests of all four modules, thereby entering the test results in the Express Entry Pool. These language tests hold a validation for 2 years and also on the date of submitting the application for permanent resident.
  • Upholding a minimum CLB score 7 (Adequate Intermediate proficiency)  for NOC, skill type O or A jobs or CLB 5 (Initial intermediate)  for NOC skill type B jobs.
  • The Province of Quebec does not comply with the Canadian Experience programme, they rather cherry pick their own skilled workers.

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