Impact on Canadian Immigration due Federal Election

Impact on Canadian Immigration due to Federal Election

Most likely the Canadians will head to the ballots on 21st September 2021 as the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calls for the imminent action related to the federal election. The members of the house of commons will be elected with due respect wherein the recent research shows an ongoing clinging towards the Liberal party in order to form the majority government. While we lay our eyes on the majority government, it holds a major share of owning around 338 seats of the parliament with the progression of being able to make major and independent decisions about new law enforcements in the parliament. 

The Federal Elections jinxed the people in a way that it led to the uncertainty in their mind. Conferring to the results of 2019 elections, wherein Trudeau’s Liberal Party did lose majority of the seats, however the Conservative Party led by Erin O’Toole and the Liberal Party, both belong to the same school of thought being in favour of economic immigration. Well, nothing changes overnight and the truth is that soon after the new governing party comes in power, the process of aligning with government policies and rules starts taking place and the authorities are guided by the mandate letters of immigration issued by the Prime Minister. 

Talking about the effort and participation of the Canadian Liberal Party, the immigration process was not as smooth as it should be due to the pandemic. Undoubtedly, pandemic struck every strata of society and in no time the Federal Government of Canada announced restriction to non essential travelling and following of strict safety measures. Also, the Economic Response Plan was put into action in order to provide financial aid to the workers and organisations to keep going in these threatening times. The anticipation lies in the fact that if Liberals come in power again in 2021, all the targets related to the immigrations policies shall likely be achieved steadily.

In addition, Canada’s Conservative Party keeps a keen interest in immigration, moreover the party initiated the Express Entry System during its tenure. A surplus of around 108,500 foreign skilled workers are invited through the express entry system ensuring to increase the number of points needed to be admissible through the Express Entry System. Lastly, it is believed that people in power can easily aggravate the process of bringing in new comers to Canada while having an improvisation in the field of International Human Rights along with providing ongoing opportunities in new fields. 

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