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Algonquin College

Algonquin College is in the Nation’s Capital and the Ottawa Valley; Algonquin College is a result of two merged institutions i.e., eastern institute of technology and the Ontario vocational centre. The Algonquin college is now a college of applied arts and technology. The college is known for providing the best educational support and services worldwide, famous among international students the college is providing promising facilities and education and maintaining this quality since it has been founded. Dedication to student success is Algonquin College’s guiding principle and is demonstrated through the quality of its programs, staff, the continual expansion of its facilities every day, and by forging strategic partnerships. Every action since the College was established has been to ensure students have access to the education and skills training demanded by the marketplace to launch a rewarding career.


UG Programs

Mobile Application Design and Development

Broadcasting – Radio

Business – Accounting


Cabinetmaking and Furniture Technician (Optional Co-op)

Public Relations

Construction Engineering Technician (Co-op)

Social Service Worker – Intensive

Early Childhood Education

Water and Waste Water Technician

Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician

Motive Power Technician – Diesel Equipment and Truck

General Arts and Science


Horticultural Industries (Co-op)

Computer Systems Technician – Networking (Co-op)

Web Development and Internet Applications (Co-op)

Interactive Media Design

Computer Systems Technician – Networking


Library and Information Technician

Introduction to Canadian Health Studies + Cardiovascular Technology

General Arts and Science – Aviation Management

Broadcasting – Television

Motive Power Technician

Business – Management and Entrepreneurship

Police Foundations

Community and Justice Services

Recreation and Leisure Services

Culinary Management

Tourism – Travel Services

Early Childhood Education – Intensive

Introduction to Canadian Health Studies + Practical Nursing

Architectural Technician


Business – Marketing (Co-op)

Hospitality – Hotel and Restaurant Operations Management

Electrical Engineering Technician (Co-op)

Architectural Technician (Weekend) (Co-op)

Interior Decorating

Law Clerk

Construction Engineering Technician (Weekend) (Optional Co-op)

Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Manufacturing Engineering Technician

Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician (Co-op)

Baking and Pastry Arts Management

Building Construction Technician (Optional Co-op)

Music Industry Arts

Business – Marketing

Professional Writing

Computer Programming

Social Service Worker

Developmental Services Worker

Veterinary Technician

Electrical Engineering Technician

Introduction to Canadian Health Studies + Occupational Therapist Assistant/Physiotherapist Assistant

Fitness and Health Promotion

Construction Engineering Technician

Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Technician

Computer Programming (Co-op)

Illustration and Concept Art

Interactive Media Design (Co-op)

Architectural Technician (Weekend)

Web Development and Internet Applications

Law Clerk – Intensive

Film and Media Production

Architectural Technician (Co-op)

Bachelors Programs

Bachelor of Commerce – e-Supply Chain Management (Co-op)

Bachelor of Interior Design (Co-op

Bachelor of Technology – Business Systems Development (Co-op)

Bachelor of Early Learning and Community Development

Bachelor of Public Safety (Co-op)

Bachelor of Technology – Digital Health (Co-op)

Bachelor of Building Science (Co-op)

Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management (Co-op)

Bachelor of Automation and Robotics (Co-op)

Bachelor of Digital Marketing Communication (co-op)

PG Programs

Introduction to Canadian Healthcare Studies + Therapeutic Recreation

Cyber Security Analysis

Introduction to Canadian Healthcare Studies + Digital Health

Interdisciplinary Studies in Human-Centred Design (Co-op)

Event Management

Geographic Information Systems

Interactive Media Management

Marketing Research and Business Intelligence

Regulatory Affairs – Sciences (Optional Co-op)

Sport Business Management


Building Automation System Operations

Environmental Management and Assessment

Brand Management

Business Intelligence System Infrastructure (Co-op)

Energy Management

Project Management (Co-op)

Financial Services

Green Architecture

International Business Management


Retirement Communities Management

Teachers of English as a Second/Foreign Language

Energy Management (Co-op)

Geographic Information Systems (Co-op)

Cyber Security Analysis (Co-op)

Building Information Modelling – Lifecycle Management

Interdisciplinary Studies in Human-Centred Design

Environmental Management and Assessment (Co-op)

Food and Nutrition Management

Human Resources Management

Marketing Management

Project Management


Technical Writer (Optional Co-op)

Accounting and Financial Practice


Academic Requirements

High School Grade requirements (10+2 and 10+3):

Punjab, Gujarat, and Haryana states – 60% or higher in all core subjects, overall average of 65%

All other School Boards – 55% or higher in all core subjects, overall average of 60%

Post Graduate Certificate program:

Bachelor’s degree placed in the First or Second Division/Class.

Backlog Acceptance: On 12+3: 6 Backlogs, 12+4 : 8 Backlogs

(Few programs may have higher academic requirement)

Kindly refer to the college website for individual program specific requirements.

IELTS Requirement

Post Graduate Programs:

Overall, 6.5 bands with no band less than 6.0

Post –Secondary Programs (Certificate, Diploma and Advanced diploma):

Overall, 6.0 bands with no band less than 6.0


Application Fees: $95 CAD

Tuition Fees: $16,000 – $22,000 CAD Approx Annually


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